October 2006 - Major Changes to TV Transmissions from Black Mountain

On Wednesday October 11, 2006, technicians from E.L. Automation will activate Channel 35 to replace Channel 9 CBS (KREM). Recent upgrade to reallocate power to UHF and VHF translators dictated an immediate shut down of Channel 13 in favor of Channel 50 for NBC (KHQ). Former low power amplifiers dictated the use of both Channel 13 and 50 to transmit NBC (KHQ), Power upgrades have been completed and we should see no more need to “shut down” channels. Here is new listing of TV channels being transmitted from the Black Mountain site:

Ch. 35 - CBS (KREM) - Formerly channel 9.

Ch. 46 - FOX

Ch. 11 – ABC (KXLY)

Ch, 50 – NBC (KHQ) - Formerly co-transmitted on Ch. 13)

Ch. 59 – IDPBS (KUID)

Ch. 32 – PBS (KSPS)

Ch, 51 – 3ABN

Several changes have been made to the site in the past 6 months. These changes were all upgrades to get ready for transition into the digital era. This latest change (Ch. 9 to Ch. 35) is the last change needed to be totally compatible with all other networks as we enter the digital era.

Once again, we apologize for the unannounced “shut down” of Ch. 13. Should you have a problem with receiving signals from any of the above listed channels, please call E.L. Automation 267-7220 to report your loss-of-signal.