Boundary County T

Boundary County Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors


July 17th, 2012


Chairman Mike Listman called the regular meeting of the Boundary County Translator District Board of Directors to order.      


1.     Roll Call Present:

a.       Board Members:

Barry Coleman                                   Michael Listman

Rita Pensmith                                     Anthony Compton - Excused

Jan Allen          


Also Present:

Eric Lederhos                                      Marlaina Davy



2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

Barry Coleman motioned to approve the meeting minutes Jan Allen seconded, motion carried.


3.     Treasurer’s Report

a.       Jan Allen motioned to approve treasurer’s report as presented Rita Pensmith seconded, motion carried.


4.     Old Business:

a.                   Pictures of items to be disposed of – tabled to September meeting

b.                  Appointment of Treasurer – Barry Coleman motioned to have Deborah Youngwirth CPA as the official Treasurer for the District with paperwork to be completed at the September meeting.

c.                   Signature Card Revision – Rita Pensmith motioned to have the signature cards revised to have the current Chairman (Mike Listman) and Treasurer (Deborah Youngwirth) as signers on all District Accounts.



5.     Maintenance Report

a.       John Barnett went onto Black Mountain and tested but did not find any significant problems.  He did recommend some new cables.  The head engineer of Idaho Public Television is also looking to see if he can figure out the problems.  The combiner is currently working fine.  Eric does have some questions regarding the combiners and is seeking more opinions.

b.      We will need to have Larry Jenkins provide some information to the Forest Service to answer questions that were asked about the new tower site.  Realistically it will not be until next summer when the towers will be able to be changed out.

c.       The new collectors at Copper Creek are providing sufficient power for our usage.  Per the Forest Service correspondence the trail will be closed but a special use permit to do maintenance and for emergency use can be issued when needed.

d.        The forest service would like the multiple propane tanks removed from the Copper Creek site to be replaced by one large tank.  Eric suggests having one 500 gallon propane tank that could be filled using a hose.  A propane truck could then drive to the bottom of the trail and fill the propane tank using a hose.  The hose would be wound up and stored in the building while not in use filling the propane tanks.  Eric would like to see the tower up at copper creek installed this year.  The Forest Service has approved the 10 foot square tower which will hold the antennas and the windmill. Potential customers are EL Internet, Border Patrol, and Gary Gage.  Barry Coleman motioned to have EL Automation install a used tower and a rented propane tank at Copper Creek with the expenses not to exceed $20,000.00.  Rita Pensmith seconded the motion with all in favor.  A ball park completion date would be prior to the September 2012 meeting.


6.     New Business:

a.       Verizon Wireless – no payments have been made and no communication has been initiated since the certified letter was received earlier this year.   Deborah Youngwirth’s Office will phone Verizon to discuss the past due balance and report to the Board at the next meeting.

b.      US Forest Service Copper Creek & Black Mountain Updated – See Maintenance Report

c.       Gary Gage sold his business to Intermax – it is currently operating under Meadow Creek Computer Works.

d.      Homeland Security – Mike Listman has heard that Homeland Security is on Black Mountain – As far as Eric knows they are in the Railroad Building.  Eric would like to see the county put a security system on Black Mountain sometime in the future. 

e.       Mike Listman does not believe that we will be able to supply HD radio for a few years and would like to offer a three year lease with The Translator District retaining the rights to our channel.  Jan Allen motioned to have a legal notice put in the Bonners Ferry Herald stating that we have a channel for lease for a three year term.  Potential leasees are requested to send in a bid to the Boundary County Translator District Board.   The minimum bid will begin at $150.00 rent per month with the leasee supplying all equipment to broadcast the station.  The notice will also state that the Board has the right to refuse service to any and all potential leasees.  Seconded by Barry with all in favor.  Eric will provide the three previously interest parties so they may be notified as well.

f.       Channels 9 and 25 are on our construction permits and we can broadcast anything that we choose.  Mike would like to get a single translator installed on the mountain. Mike will speak to John Barnett and get pricing and the installation scheduled before the snow flies.  Mike is looking into Channel 22 out of Spokane and another low end network that is close to rebroadcast on the channels.   


7.     Emergency Response Committee Report:

a.       None.


8.     Tax Waiver Applications:

a.       None



  Barry Coleman motioned to adjourn, Jan Allen seconded, motion carried.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 17th, 2012  5 p.m. @ Bonners Ferry Visitors Center.