Boundary County T

Boundary County Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors


July 19th, 2011

Vice-Chairman Barry Coleman called the regular meeting of the Boundary County Translator District Board of Directors to order.      


1.     Roll Call Present:

a.       Board Members:

Barry Coleman                                   Michael Listman - LOA

Rita Pensmith – LOA                         Anthony Compton     

Roger Fraser                                        Allen Gemmrig


Also Present:

Nick Johnson                                      Deborah Youngwirth


2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

Allen Gemmrig motioned to approve last month’s minutes and Roger Fraser seconded, motion carried.



3.     Treasurer’s Report

a.       Anthony Compton motioned to approve treasurer’s report as presented Allen Gemmrig seconded, motion carried.


4.     Old Business:

a.                   Surplus equipment update/ownership of equipment – Barry inquired with the commissioners and has not yet heard back on this.  Everything appears to be that we can do what we want with surplus equipment.  Barry expressed that we need to be certain with the commissioners on this.  John Bartnett would like to acquire some of the old equipment for teaching purposes.  Barry will follow up with this.  The question was asked if the board would be willing to consider lending equipment and they did not feel this was a good idea. 

b.                  Avista – lease agreement changes – Anthony Compton motioned to move forward with the lease with changes as presented and to approve Barry Coleman sign the lease upon final legal review.  Allen Gemmrig seconded, motion carried.

c.                   Lease Form Revision – the office will forward the proposed lease to Jerry Mason’s office for legal review before approving final version.

d.                  Site Standards Changes – some correction of typos and language.  Each board member will review and get back with changes – tabled to next month’s meeting.  Draft changes will be completed and a draft letter to accompany site standards will be completed by the board so send to all renters.



5.     Maintenance Report

a.       Took Avista to Black Mountain – no issues – they are anxious to get on the mountain and get up and running.

b.      Copper Creek – changed some equipment out.

c.       Nick provided quotes for power supply needs at Copper Creek.  The board is still waiting to hear back from Border Patrol representative before deciding on which direction to go for power needs.

d.      Nick provided quotes for used tower to replace the towers at Black Mountain that don’t currently meet standards.  The board will consider for next month’s meeting.

e.       August board meeting – the board will schedule to go up to Black Mountain on Saturday before meeting and then meet at regular time on Tuesday regular time to go over items discussed.  Meeting time for Saturday will be 10am at Visitors Center.

f.       Anthony Compton talked to Gary Gage who stated the Verizon Building was over 100 degrees.  That would be directly tied to Verizon and they have monitoring equipment that would tell them if temp is higher than 76 degrees. 

g.      Signal Testing – ready to do around the first of August.  Test at end of driveway with a small battery powered radio and hand held signal tester should be what is needed to get accurate reading.  Cost of radio should be below $100.  Anthony Compton motioned to approve Nick to purchase the handheld radio at a cost of less than $100.  Allen Gemmrig seconded, motion carried.

h.      Border Patrol – Nick touched base with Jimmy but he was too busy with new border patrol station to get back to Nick.  Nick will continue to follow up on this.                                                 


6.     New Business:

a.       Dillon Benefield – called Roger Fraser regarding the opportunity to do a one minute PSA presented by BCT at no charge.  The board had some more questions regarding content of PSA.  This issue tabled to next month’s meeting. 


7.     Emergency Response Committee Report:

a.       None.


8.     Tax Waiver Applications:

a.       None


Allen Gemmrig motioned we move to executive session, Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried.. 


Upon coming out of executive session, Allen Gemmrig motioned to adjourn the meeting, Roger Fraser seconded, motion carried.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 16th , 2011, 5:00 p.m.  @ Bonners Ferry Visitors Center.