Boundary County T


Boundary County Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors


February 15, 2011

Chairman Mike Listman called the regular meeting of the Boundary County Translator District Board of Directors to order.      


1.     Roll Call Present:

a.       Board Members:

Barry Coleman                                   Michael Listman

Rita Pensmith                                      Anthony Compton                 

Roger Fraser


Also Present:

Nick Johnson                                      Deborah Youngwirth



2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

Barry Coleman motioned to approve last month’s minutes and Rita Pensmith seconded, motion carried.



3.     Treasurer’s Report

a.       Barry Coleman motioned to approve treasurer’s report as presented Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried.



4.     Old Business:

a. – Update – has paid as agreed so far – the office will send out a letter to Gary thanking him for his diligence in resolving these billing issues.

b.      NTA Convention – Denver – May 12 – 15, 2011.  Mike Listman will be attending the meeting as representative for the translator.  Barry Coleman motioned to approve sending Mike Listman to the NTA meeting, Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried. 



5.     Maintenance Report                                                                       

1.      Lost bearing on the Arctic Cat and need to repair at a cost of $35.  Nick Johnson will get that done.

2.      Border Patrol – Nick Johnson talked with a representative and they are still interested in taking a look at Copper Creek for putting equipment on.  Does not sound likely that they are willing to work on putting power there.  We will need to devise a long term solution as it does not appear we have short term solution.  USFS has not ever responded to our letter of response to the concerns they had upon site inspection.  A 500 gallon tank would be a viable solution.  The board will table this issue and come back to the table with more ideas on what options we may have to resolve our power issues at this site.

3.      Homeland Security – are beaming a signal from Black Mountain tower.  We have no record of them having equipment on the tower.  Will gather additional information on this to determine use.

4.      Turned on last two bottles of propane at Copper Creek and this will hopefully get us through the rest of winter.


6.     New Business:

a.        Letter from County Commissioners – regarding board positions that are up for election.  Mike Listman will contact the commissioners office to update the information with them as they are listing board members that have resigned previously.  Board member terms that re set to expire are Owen Plato, Allen Gemmrig, Anthony Compton and Carl Hendricks.  Plato, Gemmrig and Hendricks have all resigned off of the board.  Compton would like to continue on as a board member.  Barry Coleman motioned to approve recommendation for reappointment of Anthony Compton, Roger Fraser seconded, motion carried. 

b.      Letter from County Commissioners – regarding tax waiver applications – requesting reporting of tax waiver applications by the September deadline in order to be considered valid for the new taxing year.  We are currently following the process as requested, and will notify customers of deadline for submitting waiver requests




7.     Emergency Response Committee Report:

c.       Still working on all hazard mitigation plan.




8.     Tax Waiver Applications:

a.     None



Barry Coleman motioned to adjourn the meeting, Rita Pensmith seconded, motion carried.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 15th, 2011, 4:00 p.m.  @ Bonners Ferry Visitors Center.