Boundary County Translator District

Boundary County Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors

December 15, 2009

Chairman Michael Listman called the regular meeting of the Boundary County Translator District Board of Directors to order at 4:00 p.m.

1. Roll Call Present:

a. Board Members:


Barry Coleman Michael Listman

Owen Plato - Excused Allen Gemmrig - Excused

Carl Hendricks Anthony Compton - Excused

Roger Fraser

Also Present:

Marlaina Davy Mike Ladely

Eric Lederhos

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting


Barry Coleman motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting, Roger Fraser seconded, motion carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report

a. Barry Coleman motioned to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Carl Hendricks seconded, motion carried.


4. Old Business:

a. Revise Lease Agreement – Discussed draft of revised lease agreement. Barry Coleman motioned to approve with final changes, Carl Hendricks seconded, motion carried.

b. Tower standards discussed – changes made to draft copy.


5. Maintenance Report

1. Copper Creek – there have been complications with the generator not wanting to start and we are currently running on thermal unit there.

2. Mike Ladely is having problems with channels 32 and 50. KSPS is going to look at it also.

3. Mike Ladely hopes to be able to work on grant documents before next meeting.

4. Mike Ladely recommended having two people on the mountain together and especially if they are climbing the tower. Mike Listman also highly recommended, Barry Coleman stated it should be required. No motion made.

5. It was noted that a potential problem with GPS signals wipe out licensed frequencies 23, 24, 25 and 38.

6. Eric Lederhos attended the meeting. He wanted clarification on what the translator sled could be used for. It was his understanding that the sled will be used by an employee of E.L. Automation to go to Black Mountain or Copper Creek. In the past, E.L. Automation has used it in emergency situations for



other use than the Translator business. The current board decided to table this until we can talk with the insurance company about liability. Right now it will continue to go as it has with the understanding that if the sled is broken while in use for purposes other than translator business, the sled will be fixed at the borrowers expense. Gary Gage takes his sled and our snowmobile on the same trailer but he operates his and an E.L. Automation employee will operate the Translator sled. Gary Gage also said that he had permission to use the sled. The board did not approve this. He has permission to take the sled on his trailer to have it fixed but not for his personal use. E.L. Automation now has locks for all the trailers to prevent another from being stolen.

7. ETA on replacement trailer – E.L. Automation has held off on ordering until money is available to purchase the new trailer. Dream Machine has a new trailer for $2600. The board agreed that if the deductible is $500 and the sled will be reimbursed from insurance at that replacement cost, then to go ahead with purchase.


6. New Business:

a. George Cleave is threatening to go to the Boundary County Commissioners regarding the tax waivers. He disagrees with having to pay the $10 annual charge to the translator.

b. Tax Waiver Request Procedure – the board discussed the procedures regarding tax waivers. If the resident contests the tax and E.L. Automation goes out to test the signal, a $75 flat rate fee (county wide) will be charged if they get a signal. If no signal can be located, then no fee will be charged.



7. Tax Waiver Applications:

a. Pfenning Living Trust – 699 Two Tail Road, BF – Approved

b. Heather Blakely – 741 N. Center Valley Road, Sdpt – Denied

c. Robert Weakly – 244 Old Addie Road, BF – Denied

d. Leo Sanders – 1019 Moyie River Road – Denied

e. Gary & Rena Martin – 79308 Hwy 2, Moyie Springs – Denied


8. Emergency Response Committee Report:

1. Updating to county mitigation plan.

2. Weather report on NOAA updated everyday – can hear the current weather at MNK 146960.


Barry Coleman motioned to adjourn the meeting, Carl Hendricks seconded, motion carried.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 4:00 p.m. @ Bonners Ferry Visitors Center.