Boundary County T

Boundary County Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors


October 20, 2009

Chairman Michael Listman called the regular meeting of the Boundary County Translator District Board of Directors to order at 4:00 p.m.      


1.     Roll Call Present:

a.       Board Members:

Barry Coleman             Michael Listman

Owen Plato - Excused              Allen Gemmrig - Excused

Carl Hendricks                         Anthony Compton

Roger Fraser


Also Present:

Deborah Youngwirth                Mike Ladely - Excused


2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

Anthony Compton motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting with the correction to Board Members present to note that Allen Gemmrig was not absent from the meeting, but arrived late and was present for the remainder of the meeting.  Carl Hendricks seconded, motion carried. 


3.     Treasurer’s Report

a.       Barry Coleman motioned to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried.

b.      E.L. Automation has agreed to wait on payment on the last invoices on additional work being done.   


4.     Old Business:

a.       None.


5.     Maintenance Report                                                                       

1.      Cost of E.L. Automation on mountain for renters working on their equipment on tower.  An Access Agreement will be drafted for renters and nonrenters to sign if they are accessing equipment on the towers.  Users will have to pay to have E.L. Automation on the mountain if they request them to be present.  Users will be charged for time spent by E.L. Automation or others to respond to any issues discovered by the district to be caused by that users equipment.


6.     New Business:

a.       Stolen snowmobile trailer – report has been filed with ICRMP and the sheriff’s office.  Further update from E.L. Automation next month.

b.      Roger Fraser – would like to request to be added to next month’s agenda to give an update on local TV access.

c.       Anthony Compton – Kootenai County Amateur Radio – next springs they may be looking for a location to put equipment and Black Mountain could be a potential site.  This would be a no charge renter and although locally we could benefit, there is some concern with it being a group outside of our county.  Mike Listman suggested having a local group as a sponsor to manage issues if they arise.  Anthony will update with more information when available.


7.     Tax Waiver Applications:

a.       None.


8.     Emergency Response Committee Report:

1.      County Resource list has been transferred to the State computer.

2.      Currently reviewing and revising county mitigation plan.



Barry Coleman motioned to adjourn the meeting, Carl Hendricks seconded, motion carried.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 4:00 p.m.  @ Bonners Ferry Visitors Center.