Boundary County T

Boundary County Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors


June 16, 2009

Chairman Michael Listman called the regular meeting of the Boundary County Translator District Board of Directors to order at 10:00 a.m.      


1.     Roll Call Present:

a.       Board Members:

Barry Coleman                         Michael Listman

Owen Plato                              Allen Gemmrig

Carl Hendricks                         Anthony Compton

Roger Fraser - Excused


Also Present:

Deborah Youngwirth                Mike Ladely

Susan Larson


2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

Barry Coleman motioned to approve the minutes from the previous meeting with the correction to the date of the digital switchover as July 21, 2009.  Owen Plato seconded, motion carried.


3.     Treasurer’s Report

a.       Barry Coleman motioned to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried.

b.      Accounts Receivable – Received a $750 payment from Gary Garrett.   


4.     Old Business:

a.       NTA Convention – Update from Allen – Allen spoke with Rob Gates regarding the expired license.  Rob recommended to file as soon as possible with the FCC and to expect a fine.  He suggested we give reason for not being able to pay the fine and hopefully we will get the lesser of the fines which should be around $300.  Allen Gemmrig motioned to approve John Bartnett to do the application for the license, Barry Coleman seconded, motion carried.  While at the convention, Allen asked about HD Radio and was told it interferes with DTV.  Royalty fees would be applicable and are quite high.  Allen did some checking on Tower information.  He was told that the towers we have need to be switched out unless we can get a structural engineer to sign off on them.  If no one climbs the towers, then there is no problem, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to keep people off.  Allen spoke with some representatives from Larcan and they can build a piece of equipment that will allow the ability to insert channels by attaching to a current license.  If Roger Fraser gets his low power license he can broadcast to the Translator and we can insert with another channel. Allen also asked about the responsibility of tenants to be licensed correctly with FCC.  He was told it would be appropriate for us to notify the users that it has been brought to our attention that they need to be licensed correctly and appropriately posted.

b.      Review of Code 31-4112 regarding Multiple “service” units on a piece of property. Some discussion ensued regarding how to levy on parcels with multiple service units such as campgrounds/RV, hotel/motel, duplexes, etc. Barry Coleman motioned to approve levy according to the statute and charge $10 per parcel plus 20% for each unit within that parcel.  Owen Plato seconded, motion carried.



5.     Maintenance Report                                                                       

1.      Sandpoint Radio Station – will be ready to connect soon.  John Bartnett will need to be onsite when this occurs to ensure no interference occurs as would be expected if connection is made at the 890 watts approved by FCC.

2.      Lease agreement – Mike Ladley pointed out that the lease should state something regarding interference being corrected within 48 hours of being notified.  The lease also states that renters have the option to pay rent anytime during the year.  Since we also state that we must give one year’s notice to vacate as a renter, this in theory can allow someone to get behind by two years.  The lease agreement needs to read that rent payment is due in advance of service and late fees and interest will apply.  The lease agreement should also state that accounts 90 days overdue will be subject to review by board and subject to contract termination.  The lease agreement also needs to state that uncorrected interference will be cause for disconnect.  A draft of the lease agreement with the above changes will be prepared for next month’s meeting. 

3.      Old Equipment – we will get a list of equipment and see about putting on Ebay to sell.  Mike Ladely will check with Eric Lederhos to see if he is interested in posting on Ebay for a percentage of the sell price, up to the cost of what he would normally charge to sell.

4.      Plates on the Trackster – Linda Alt at the county can answer the question on if we need to have plates on the new snowmobile.  Owen Plato will go to the DMV to check on this.

5.      Gary Gage – Copper Creek – Quotes from E.L. Automation - $5,860.99 is the estimated annual cost to operate and $13,779.83 is the estimated cost to install the equipment needed.  Gary Gage is willing to put in $5,000 towards the install with a  $50 credit per month to be applied to monthly rent.  We could hold off on the solar panels until next year with a cost this year of equipment install of approximately $4,000 to the district.  Barry Coleman motioned to move forward with the equipment purchase and install, Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried.

6.      Digital to Digital grants – we have to have digital licenses in order to qualify for grant reimbursement.  We are only eligible for $6,000 because we bought our equipment prior to 2000.  Mike Ladely has receipts from items purchased and will go through to determine costs to be reimbursed.

7.      Verizon – wants to replace their antenaes with some bigger ones.  They want to put six 8’ antenaes on a mast and six 4’ antenaes.  They will pay for the load study on the tower.  Mike Ladley talked with John bartnett about this and John recommends having Verizon do an independent study.  While the engineer is there to do the load study, they can also evaluate the towers for need to be replaced.  Anthony Compton motioned to require Verizon to do an independent load study as opposed to a study completed by their employees, Barry Coleman seconded, motion carried.  We will also need to bill Verizon for the time Mike Ladely has spent with them on these issues.

8.      John Bartnett said while he is onsite, he will work on a bid to give the District on tower replacement.  Allen Gemmrig recommended we get three quotes in total.



6.     New Business:

a.       A postcard with the notice of July 21st deadline will be put together to me mailed out.  Mike Listman also did an interview with the newspaper and will do an announcement for the radio.  For $30 we can have a professional read the notice for the radio spot.  Everyone agreed this would be a reasonable option.


7.     Tax Waiver Applications:

a.       None.

b.      The code reads that the owner of the property must apply.  If a new owner takes over, that new owner must then apply.  The list to the Treasurer’s office needs to be there by end of August to be on the next levy. The levy assessed is legal if radio signal is available and only exception is if cable is being used and proof is shown for that tax year. 


8.     Emergency Response Committee Report:

1.       None.



Allen Gemmrig motioned to adjourn the meeting, Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, July 21, 2009, 10:00 a.m.  @ Bonners Ferry Visitors Center.  The group will meet here to leave at 10:00 for Black Mountain.