Boundary County T

Boundary County Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors


January 20, 2009

Chairman Mike Listman called the regular meeting of the Boundary County Translator District Board of Directors to order at 10:00 a.m.      


1.     Roll Call Present:

a.       Board Members:

Barry Coleman                         Michael Listman

Owen Plato                              Allen Gemmrig – Excused

Carl Hendricks                         Anthony Compton


Also Present:

Deborah Youngwirth                Mike Ladely




2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

Barry Coleman motioned to approve the minutes from the previous meeting, Carl Hendricks seconded, motion carried.


3.     Treasurer’s Report

a.        Barry Coleman motioned to approve the treasurer’s report as presented, Anthony Compton seconded, motion carried.

b.      Accounts Receivable – Gary Garrett did not submit payment or letter with proposed payment plan.  The office will send a letter to Gary Garrett requesting response by the end of the month.



4.     Old Business:

a.       Switch to digital for channel 32 – received final three approvals for switch to digital.  Channel 32 will be switched over on February 17th.

b.      Advertising/Outreach for switch over – the board discussed the draft letter Mike Ladely and Anthony Compton put together to announce the digital TV switch over.  Barry Coleman motioned to approve the payment for a 6x9 postcard at a cost of approximately $875.  Mike Listman will check on non-profit bulk mailing rate.   



5.     Maintenance Report                                                                       

1.      Harvey Gordan tax waiver request – the board discussed the service currently receiving.  Harvey is able to receive radio signal – tax waiver request from last month denied.

2.      Mike Ladely talked with Gary Gage’s guy that cleans the tower – Mike Ladely recommends keeping the center of the tower clean and open for safety reasons.

3.      Snow mobile – it was previously discussed to put off the purchase until next year.  A 24” wide track, Ski-Doo brand would have to be ordered now to get by next fall.  This would be the model Mike Ladely recommends and would be at a cost of about $9200 ($1,000 off since we are a nonprofit).  This issue tabled to February meeting.

4.      Radio station in Sandpoint – approved for 890 watts – this is too much power and leaves potential for interference.  They believe they need 300 + watts to reach Ponderay (88.5 FM).  John Bartnett has contacted them to let them know we would not allow interference to occur.  They need to be told they will be turned off immediately if interference occurs.

5.      Mike Ladely has been working on the signal for Channel 32 and is still struggling with signal up north.

6.      Portable Handheld LCD HDTV – Mike Ladely would like to purchase one to have for the sites.  A 19” at Walmart runs about $210 and at Radio Shack about $220.  A 7” portable runs about $190 at and about $150 at Radio Shack.  We will hold off on this purchase until spring.


6.     New Business:

a.       Review of current tax exemptions – Mike Listman received a list from the County of all those with a tax waiver.  Title 31, Chapter 41 gives guidance on tax waivers.  The code states if a user receives a direct signal they are eligible for exemption.  The board has questions on how the exemption applies to radio.  Mike Listman wants to clean up the exemption application form and put it on the website.

b.      Website updates – the website has been updated and Mike Listman will show Deb Youngwirth how to update with minutes.

c.       Budget Planning – Deb Youngwirth to provide additional information on revenue and expense for next month.

d.      HD Radio – The board discussed the possibility of offering HD Radio at some point in the future.  Further investigation is needed.

e.       NTA Convention May 15 – 17, Denver, CO – no one able to commit at this time but all board members will check schedules to decide availability to attend.

f.        FCC Website – Owen Plato will check on which stations have been updated for active licenses.

g.       Community Broadcasting Association – membership application received.  Membership is $250.  Anthony Compton approved membership, Carl Hendricks seconded, motion carried.


7.     Tax Waiver Applications:

a.       Harvey Gordon – Tall Timber Rd, Moyie Springs – tabled from last month’s meeting – denied – see above.


8.     Emergency Response Committee Report:

1.       Emergency Response procedures – still being worked on.

2.      ICS 300 & 400 class were completed.

3.      Currently working on updating emergency equipment list.


Barry Coleman motioned to adjourn the meeting, Owen Plato seconded, motion carried.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 10:00 A.M.  @ Bonners Ferry Visitors Center.