Boundary County T

Boundary County T.V. Translator District

Regular Meeting—Board of Directors


December 12, 2006

Acting Chairman Greg Garrison called the regular meeting of the Boundary County T.V. Translator District Board of Directors to order. 


1.     Roll Call Present:

a.       Board Members:

Greg Garrison                           Tom Peyton

Barry Coleman             Michael Listman

Carl Hendricks


Also Present:

Deborah Youngwirth                Bud Larson

Mike Ladely                             Sherri Hendricks



2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

Mike Listman moved the minutes be approved as read. Tom Peyton seconded, motion carried.



3.     Treasurer’s Report

The Board reviewed the treasurer’s report; Barry Coleman moved to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, Mike Listman seconded, motion carried.



4.     Old Business:

a.       Tower space and rental fees – proposed incremental increase in rental fees over a number of years.  Bud Larsen will take a look at what and who has been charged over a period of the last 10 years and bring the information for the next meeting.



5.     Maintenance Report                                                                       

a.       Breakdown on billing – Mike Ladely will mention to the billing department at EL Automation to make a note for the detail on the billing to be broken down between repair and maintenance and upgrades projects.

b.      Currently accessing Black Mountain without a phone line and through Gary Gage.  The backup unit is in Colorado for repair.  It is believed that the digital equipment has to be powered down and restarted in order to recycle itself.

c.       The office is going to double check with the status of Gary Gage and the use of Airpipe equipment at Black Mountain.

d.      Channel 46 is down and Mike Ladely is going up to work on it today.

e.       Merle Marcy – was able to get reception with a new antennae.

f.        Bud Larsen donated to the District a topographical map depicting the area covered by the District and Mike Ladely will mark with pins, the location of known grey areas and the location of equipment.



6.     Bud Larsen Report:

a.     Draft Annual Report – Distributed for review.  The final report will be issued in January after feedback from board members.

b.     New contract – Bud Larsen will provide a new contract with an increase in fee for next year.   


7.     New Business:

a.       None.



8.     Tax Waiver Applications:

a.       Clinton Reno – not approved – should be receiving reception and when Nick Johnson attempted to make contact to verify reception, it was noted that no antennae existed.

b.      Richard & Juanita Dawson – should be receiving service now – the office will keep the application on file in case further attention is requested.



9.     Emergency Response Committee Report:

a.       Committee is looking into some new training to offer.

b.      Amateur radio class completed – as a result, there are now 10 new amateur radio operators.

c.       The Hospital is looking into offering some emergency response classes.



   10.  Adjournment:

Tom Peyton moved and Mike Listman seconded, the meeting adjourn, motion carried.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January 9, 2006, 10:00 A.M.  @ Chic N Chop Restaurant.