Boundary County Translator District Annual Report 2008

Digital Television is coming and your Boundary County Translator District is working hard to facilitate this transition. We’ve spent the last year upgrading hardware in preparation for the switch though there is still much to do. As we approach February 17th 2009, we’ll need to acquire additional equipment and conduct testing to be ready to receive the new all-digital signals from the Spokane stations we rebroadcast.

The national education campaign for DTV is in full swing, though there is confusion in how it applies to our county. On the transition date next year, only PRIMARY broadcasters (where programming originates) are REQUIRED to cease analog operations. Broadcasters who only extend, or translate the signal of a primary broadcaster are currently NOT REQUIRED to switch to digital. This means that when the transition date passes, we will still be allowed to broadcast in analog as we always have though the networks will be broadcasting in digital. The FCC has stated that the secondary broadcasters will eventually be required to switch to digital, but they have not set a date yet.

Digital television is crystal clear even at the familiar standard definition (SD), and truly spectacular in high definition (HD). Additionally, digital broadcasting enables us to bring more channels to the community along with an online satellite or cable TV style channel guide. We hope you are as excited as we are to bring these new features to Boundary County and are working hard to make them available as soon as possible. The FCC is offering a limited number of $40 coupons for use towards a digital converter box that will allow you to continue receiving over the air broadcasts on an older television when the switch to digital is completed. As of May 2008 almost half of the allotted coupons have been issued. Please act soon to take advantage of this offer at

Last year the board addressed below-market rental rates for tenants using our facilities. We would like to thank those who provided input and attended hearings. The new rates are closer to those charged by comparable markets and also adjust with resources consumed. The Board of Directors has undergone member changes this year and we look forward to fresh perspectives tempered with seasoned reasoning in the addressing the challenges ahead.

New Members: Allen Gemmrig, Anthony Compton, Owen Plato
Retiring Members: Greg Garrison, Sherrie Hendricks
Standing Members: Barry Coleman
Chairman: Michael Listman
Vice-Chairman: Carl Hendricks

Also retiring is Bud Larson who recently served as District Historian. His knowledge, input, and experience will be greatly missed


Our monthly meetings are always open to the public on the third Tuesday of every month at 10:00AM at the Visitors Center downtown. You can also keep informed by visiting “Translator Board” on

Thank you,
Board of Directors