Boundary County Translator District

Chairman of the Board:
Greg Garrison

Board of Directors:
Tom Peyton- Michael Listman-Barry Coleman-Carl Hendricks

Technical/Engineering Support:
Eric Lederhos – E.L. Automation & John Barnett – Barnett Professional Services

Accounting/Clerical Support:
Deborah Youngwirth

Annual Report to the Citizens of Boundary County

The milestones leading us through the transition to digital compatibility have been met. Now the milestone facing your board is getting the new hardware tuned and adjustments made to antennae complex to ensure the best possible signal coverage to the majority of receivers in Boundary County … this is an ongoing process, and in spite of a rough road to the Black Mountain site, our technical support continuously works on fine tuning the new equipment and antennae.

Two truly great stewards of your Translator District, Jack Tice and Ruth Ann Wilson, retired from service on the board of directors. Their leadership, guidance, and stoic approach to serving the district, will be missed by all of us.

For the past three years we have been trying to do better when it comes to keeping you informed about your translator district. In this same vein, board member Michael Listman has developed an easy to navigate website for the Translator District. We encourage you to check out the new site at: You’ll find the site informative and friendly to use. Questions still remaining about HDTV? We’ll bet you find the answer on this new website.

We are still in the process of obtaining a channel for you to use to test your HD TV set prior to the total change of all channels from analog to digital. We’ll let you know what channel you can use to test your HD reception when we get FCC’s approval for this action. During the transition from analog to digital this test channel is called a “companion” channel. For example, you receive KSPS (PBS) on Ch. 32 …. We have requested the use of Ch. 56 as a “companion” digital channel for Ch. 32

The following signals are transmitted from the Black Mountain Translator site:

Television: FM Radio:
11 ABC (KXLY) 91.9 KPBX (Public)
32 KSPS (PBS) 92.1 KIBX
35 CBS (KREM) 97.3 KEYF (Oldies)
46 FOX 99.3 (Cat Country)
50 NBC (KHQ) 100.9 (The Peak)
51 ABN (Angels Broadcasting) 102.1 KIBR
59 IDPBS (KUID) 107.1 KXLY(Classical)
(To report a loss of signal, please call A.L. Automation at: 267-7220.)

The Translator Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. in the Chic-N-Chop Restaurant. All citizens of our county are cordially invited to attend a meeting.

Message from the Chairman:

2006 was a year of transition for the Boundary County Translator District. The changes made were in compliance with the FCC as we prepare for the digital era of television reception.

Translator districts across America will be making the transition from analog to digital on February 17, 2009. The preparation to change to digital signals required us to move channels from VHF to UHF frequencies. We have used local newspaper and radio to inform county residents of the channel changes and regret any inconveniences this cross-over may have caused. E.L. Automation continues to identify areas of the county which are receiving poor or no reception and is working diligently to find a means to get signals to these areas.

The digital era will provide increased television quality in both visual and audio aspects. In addition to improvements in picture and sound, public agencies, such as police, fire departments and wireless services, will be able to claim airspace previously used by the analog broadcast spectrum. For additional information on digital T.V. or the Translator District, please visit our web site:

In short, this is both an exciting and challenging time for translator districts as we move into 21st century digital broadcasting. We are looking forward to the challenge.

Respectfully submitted to the citizens of Boundary County,
Greg Garrison - Chairman