Annual Report to Citizens of Boundary County 2006

For the past four years, you have heard and read about the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) mandate for all television transmissions to be 100% digitally compatible by 2008. Your board has been researching ways to upgrade the current analog transmission translators to make them digitally compatible.

We monitored evolving digital translator equipment to ascertain if cost effective hardware would be available or if current analog hardware could be modified. We found no programs or companies marketing analog upgrade programs. The translator equipment at Black Mountain is second generation analog and has served our community well. Historically the Translator District has prided itself on providing state-of-the-art equipment.

Last spring, the Translator District Board decided to upgrade the entire translator site with new digital equipment to meet the demands of the digital era. In May 2005, the board formed an agreement with Eric Lederhos of E.L Automation and John Barnett of Barnett Professional Services to prepare a final engineering plan, purchase digital equipment, and install the new hardware. The teaming of John and Eric has put the project ahead of schedule, currently at 90% complete. We anticipate that it will be completed by June 2006. The project will begin testing transmissions at that time.

There will be little change in your reception of TV signals during the testing period. The exact date of transition of analog to digital has yet to be clarified by the FCC, but the target date is February 17, 2009. We anticipate the movement of two channels and we will provide advance notice of the new channel location.

If you would like more information regarding the digital generation of television, we recommend the following web site:

- Board of Directors