Elk Mountain Farms
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Elk Mountain Farms

Ten miles from the Canadian border, north of Bonners Ferry, Elk Mountain Farms grows hops for parent company Anheuser-Busch. Elk Mountain is the world’s largest hop farm at 1,800 acres. The farm was first planted in 1987 and only traditional German hops are grown here from root stock that originated in Europe. The U.S.-Canadian border is on the same latitude as the prime hop-growing regions of Europe, and gets 16 hours of sunlight in the summer.

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Click photo to see more pictures

The intricate system of poles and trellises allows 880 hops plants per acre while the vines grow to 20 feet tall. Harvest is in late August to early September, the whole crop is picked in three weeks.

To view this impressive farm, drive north on US 95 to Highway 1 and turn left on the Copeland Road. Drive to the Westside Road and go south for outstanding views overlooking the fields. The operation can also be seen further north from Porthill.

Elk Mountain Farms

HCR 60 Box 264
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805